Privacy Protection Policy

Kamoi recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. Any personal information we collect are treated under the strict rules listed below.

  • 1.We may obtain our customer's personal information such as, their name, address, email-address, or phone number to improve our services from surveys and operators. When obtaining any personal information, we will clarify the purpose of using such information and use it only within the range of necessity.
  • 2.We only use obtained personal information within the range of clarified purposes. In addition, the information may be used in order to provide beneficial services to our customers.
  • 3.We will retain personal information under strict control to prevent the loss, falsification, or unauthorized disclosure of such information.
  • 4.We will not provide personal information to any third party, such as our affiliated companies without obtaining the consent of the person concerned.
  • 5.Kamoi here by pledges to follow the Personal Information Protection Law and do our best to protect personal information.